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We are passionate about taking care of you in need.

Our mission

Our goal is service delivery at its best with a focus on person centred care. We will work with you and your family to develop an individualized care plan that addresses your unique needs.

Our values


About us at EmCare.

Em-care is an assisted living service provider for seniors in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Our team consists of experienced healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, practical nurses, and healthcare aides. We offer both medical and non-medical services to help seniors stay in their homes for as long as they want. We work closely with our clients’ family doctors to ensure they have access to the resources they need. We offer a free meet-and-greet visit or phone chat to discuss our services and how we can help. At EmCare, our goal is to provide compassionate care that supports seniors in living their best lives.

Why choose us?

Senior care is our priority. We believe in person centred care. Our healthcare teams are well trained with many years of experience in geriatric care.You are guaranteed one on one attention no hurried visits.