Organize & Administer Medications

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Organize and administer medications.

This a challenge for most seniors both at home and in retirement living. A lot of seniors have decreased kidney functions. This means the ability to metabolize drugs is impacted causing undesirable medication side effects. We will work with your physician to ensure you are getting the right medications you need based on your diagnosis, in the right dose and frequency. We administer IV infusions via elastomeric pumps, IM, and Subcutaneous Injections such as B12 Prolia. Routine senior vaccinations such as Tdap, Pneumovax, flu vaccines, and much more. We will educate and teach you or your family member to self-administer injections; monitor and supervise until you are comfortable doing so yourself.


Benefits for your peace of mind

Improved medication outcomes

Polypharmcy simply put is the use of many different medications to treat different illnesses. This is a big concern for seniors because it can lead to drug interactions and adverse side effects.

Enhanced quality of life

Understanding what your medications are and why you take them makes you feel more empowered to take control of your health and assures a higher quality of life.

Improved adherence to treatment

Involving you in the care planning process means you understand the goals of treatment and are more likely to adhere to the treatment plan.

Peace of mind for families

In today’s busy world adult children live far away from parents and loved ones. knowing a trained healthcare professional is making regular visits to check on loved ones eases anxiety and ensures peace of mind.

Preventative care

Administering routine vaccinations can help prevent illnesses such as the flu, pneumonia, and tetanus, reducing the need for hospitalizations and other medical interventions.

Personalized care

With our service you or your loved one will be assigned a primary nurse this allows for consistency in care. You will feel valued and care for. This will have a. positive impact to you or your loved ones overall well being.

Ready to talk?

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals will work closely with you to develop a care plan that meets your needs and provides the support you require to maintain your comfort and independence.